Thursday, January 7, 2016

10 Ways to Rejuvenate if You are Burned Out for Photographers

I was burned out.  Burnt out.
Burnt out with photography.
Burnt out with work.
Burnt out with life.
Burnt out with people.

I told my friend back in August that I was gonna ROCK the Fall Sessions.  I wasn't going to complain and I was going to do as many sessions that come my way.  It's only 3 months right?  I can do this!  No problem.  September, October, and November....BRING IT ON!  

Well what do you think happened?  Yep, I burned out.  I burned out like never before.  I don't know why this year was any different from past years.  Maybe my creative tank expired.  But I KNEW I had to rejuvenate or I would lose interest.  I didn't want to lose interest.  I love what I do, but I couldn't even respond to a simple email from a client.  I couldn't form the words.  I was spent.

So from Christmas to New Years I did these 10 things to get rejuvenated, revived, and refreshed for 2016 and it worked!  It SO worked!  I feel better than ever and tackle new sessions and bring in new clients. :)

  1. Exercise - get out of the editing chair!  It's pathetic how many hours and nights I spent sitting on the couch editing photos.  I love to do exercise programs that have a calendar.  Tell me what I’m supposed to work on today.  Don’t make me decide which muscle group to work or whether I should do cardio.  I recommend T25.  
  2. Binge watch a new TV Series - So after you exercise, turn on Amazon Prime or Netflix and discover a new series.  I discovered “Enlightenment” with Laura Dern.  Man, it had me in the first 10 seconds.  I was addicted and also sad that it was only 2 seasons.
  3. Do a personal project - mine was self portraits and doggie portraits.  Yours could be cooking, drawing, painting.  Whatever. Just do something that feeds your soul.
  4. Go out for fancy coffee with a "New" Friend - Yes, FANCY coffee.  Don’t go to starbucks.  Go to a local coffee joint that makes swirlies in your coffee in a huge gigantic mug.   Your friend should be someone new that you have never gone out with.  Don’t ask an old friend, you will probably just complain about life.  A new friend is a breath of fresh air and you will talk about life with new enthusiasm.  
  5. Organize 1 thing - closet, drawers, cabinets.  One thing.
  6. NAP - yes nap.  Schedule naps.  Napping is the best.
  7. Read - I like silly who-dun-it fiction novels.  Get lost in a book, a story.  Just make it fun and uplifting.
  8. Turn off Facebook, but turn on Instagram - Facebook is so negative with people’s complaining and political views.  Instagram has so many inspiring quotes, artists, and images.
  9. Shut down Lightroom and Photoshop - Don't open these programs....except to work on your personal projects, but if you can avoid it stay away from these black pits of tar and quicksand.  
  10. Continually thank God for your blessings - Ask to be rejuvenated.  Say it out loud.  "God I thank you for the blessings you have given me.  Thank you for the opportunities and the people that you send to me.  But right now, I’m tired.  I’m burnt out.  Renew me.  Refresh my spirit.  Give me a new attitude.  Give me new energy.  Amen."

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