Thursday, September 27, 2012

Simple Everyday Posing Technique

How many of us ladies think we look fat in pictures?  Raise hand!  I’m going to show you a simple technique you can use for YOURSELF to look thinner in pictures.


Left Photo – When someone wants to take our picture, we all stand straight on to the camera, with our arms to our sides.  But that makes us look frumpy.  It also gives the illusion that our bodies are wider than they really are.

Middle Photo – By putting my hands on my hips, it creates space and gives me a waist.  It also makes my posture look better and I stand taller.  But it’s still not the best pose, let’s make it better.

Right Photo – In this photo, all I did was TAKE A STEP BACK with my right foot and LEANED all my weight on that BACK LEG and I kept my front leg a little bent.  By doing this, it turned my hips 45 degrees away from the camera and automatically makes my hips look SMALLER.  It also gives me a more feminine and more confident look. 

So, LADIES – use this STEP BACK TECHNIQUE to look thinner and more flattering in everyday photos and I guarantee, you will like looking at yourself in pictures better. :)



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