Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Newborn Baby J || Virginia Lifestyle Family Photographer

What a BLESSING little babies are!  I love going to a Family’s home and capturing them in the first few days with their newborn baby.  Especially when it’s a couple’s first child.  They are in such awe and are so taken by this beautiful creation from the Lord.


This little man loved to suck on Daddy’s fingers. 


All of these photos were taken with natural light from the Master Bedroom, the Stairwell, and the Nursery.




And now for the Star of the Show…..


Thank you A & T for letting me come into your home after having a new baby and take photographs.  I hope that I captured those precious moments for you and made memories to last forever.

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{Photography for the Family, Maternity, and Newborns the New River Valley, Virginia}

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